Frequently Asked Questions

I have listed below some of the most common questions that I get asked about my cakes.

People often get confused with this one. A tier is a single cake divided into 3 layers, so one layer of sponge on the bottom, followed by a layer of buttercream, followed by another layer of sponge, followed by a layer of buttercream, followed by a layer of sponge. That’s a ‘tier’. Wedding cakes for instance can be 1 tier, 2 tiers, 3 tiers or more, normally 3 tiers (for larger weddings).

Yes, I use as standard a cake ‘drum’ which is roughly ½” /13mm thick. Depending on the design of the cake I will either cover this drum in white or coloured sugar paste or leave it as it is, a silver coloured foil effect covering.

If I am doing 1 ‘tier’ I am only able to do 1 flavour, if doing multiple ‘tiers’ each ‘tier’ can be a different flavour. I am unable to make 3 different flavours for 1 tier (3 layers of sponge, 2 layers of buttercream).

A cake will consist of 3 layers of sponge, 2 layers of buttercream, this is then covered with either top quality white or milk chocolate ganache (think of it as good supportive underwear) followed by a layer of superior quality sugar paste (fondant).

If ordering a buttercream covered cake the cake will simply be covered with buttercream then decorated.

Never. Only butter. I use what I would like to eat myself.

I pride myself on making the sponge, buttercream, edible decorations myself. These include macarons (I find shop purchased ones not very palatable), meringue kisses, flowers, all figure work, ‘props’ (anything that will go onto the cake or on the board). The only 2 decorative items I sometimes use are silk flowers or fresh flowers, dependant on the time of year. High summer season I prefer using silk or handmade flowers as fresh won’t last long without water. That’s not to say I won’t use fresh, it’s ultimately up to the customers preference. If there is a lot of humidity in the air handmade flowers can wilt, especially in spring/autumn with high humidity outside.

This is not possible, I take a 50% booking fee, followed by the balance payable 5 calendar days before delivery/collection. Think of it as a food delivery or takeaway, you pay before delivery.

I’m also unable to accept any order without the 50% booking fee in place so please don’t assume that as you’ve made an enquiry that I can ‘hold’ this date for you before you contact me again to place the order. Chances are high that I will receive another enquiry for the same date which I will accept as they have chosen to pay after the email/phone call.

Of course, please state this on the Order Form if this is what you would like, the style of candle (yes there are quite a few styles available now) also preferred colour, and I will do my best to supply these for you, I will also let you know the cost.

If there is still a question you need answered, please feel free to get in touch with me.